Special Thanks to the Houston Museum of Natural Science!

I’d just like to say thanks publicly to Erin Blatzer and all the folks at the Houston Museum of Natural Science for posting three of my images on their Flicker Group and soon on their Internet Press Room. If you’re not familiar with HMNS you really should drop by the museum on Hermann Drive in Houston. If you’re ever out in Sugar Land or the Richmond / Rosenberg area on a lazy Saturday evening, you should pack up the kids and head down to the George Observatory for their “Saturdays at the George” program. You can also read about other things happening at the museum’s blog called BeyondBones or on their FaceBook site.

I’ll be adding new images in the coming weeks and months as I continue to PhotoWalk the museum’s exhibits, special events and other locations using my camera as a guide! If you’re a local photo enthusiast or even a pro shooter living in the area and interested in PhotoWalking, send me an email at jeffrey.t.lynch@[nospam]comcast.net. I’m looking to organize several area PhotoWalks in the late summer and early fall and anyone with a good pair of legs, a steady hand and a keen eye for light is welcome!

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