Photography is for the Birds

Or in this case the butterflies, since there were no birds with range of my lens last Sunday afternoon. I had hoped to spot some birds at the Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge last weekend but after hiking for over an hour in the heat and humidity I gave up and was about to pack it in when I spotted some wildflowers.

Butterfly and Wildflowers

Butterfly and Wildflowers
Copyright © 2008 Jeff Lynch Photography
Shot taken with a Canon 40D , 70-200mm f/4 L at 200mm, f/4.0, 1/180th sec at ISO 100 on SanDisk digital film. Click on the image above for a larger version.

A thought to end this post with. Never go home empty handed and frustrated. Take a moment to look all around you before putting your camera away. Better yet, take the advice of veteran shooter Joe McNally from his recent book The Moment It Clicks, “Don’t pack up your camera until you’ve left the location”. You never know what might find around the next bend in the trail.

2 thoughts on “Photography is for the Birds

  1. This is an amazing photograph. I’ve always heard that the f/4 was sharper then the 2.8 without the benefit of an extra stop.

    SO well done Jeff.

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