Another Quick HDR Capture

Here’s a close up image from the Monument Hill Historical Site near La Grange, TX. Like my previous image, I processed this by merging three raw (.dng) files and tone-mapping the result in Photomatix Pro 3.1 (beta). The detail brought out by the merge and tone-mapping is outstanding and as you can tell the amount of noise created is minimal.

Statue on Monument Hill

The Statue on Monument Hill
Copyright © 2008 Jeff Lynch Photography
Shots taken with a Canon 40D tripod mounted, 17-40mm f/4 L at 22mm, f/11, 1/125th, 1/350th and 1/1000th of a second at ISO 200 on SanDisk digital film. Post processed using Photomatix Pro 3.1 (beta) and Lightroom 2’s Develop module. Click on the image above for a larger version.

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