Canon EF Lens Work III

canon_logo_blogA few years back I saw a printed copy of Canon’s definitive lens guide called EF Lens Work II. It was a beautifully illustrated and photographed reference to Canon’s current selection of lenses, both consumer and professional grade.

I don’t believe Canon still prints this as a hard-bound book but I have found a Canon Europe web site where you can download each section (in PDF format) of the new Canon EF Lens Work III. If you’re a Canon shooter and are looking for detailed information on all the current lenses that Canon offers, then look no further!

3 thoughts on “Canon EF Lens Work III

  1. That was the first time ordering from Norman Camera. Really impressed by the packing; it’s the nicest book packing I’ve seen; totally unexpected from a camera shop. Very impressed judging from the attention to detail in just the book packing. They seem to have good selection & prices on filters also. Will probably pick up ver 11 next January which should cover up to Mar 2009. The ver 10 covers up to Mar 2008. Looks like it’s an annual print.

    Kudos to your site; the design is very clean and attractive; a joy to read & view.

  2. The book is still available in print. The latest I’ve seen is ver 10. The PDF downloads are ver 8 (roughly 2 year span between the two). The print version is very nice. The PDF version is nice but can’t compare to superb printing on good stock. I’ve received a copy from Norman Camera through Amazon. You can also order directly from Norman Camera:

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