Thursday News – Nik’s Viveza Compatible with Lightroom

VivezaNik Software announced Tuesday that Viveza, their popular digital photographic plug-in filter is now available for Lightroom 2 and that the update is free to current owners of Viveza.

Viveza installs as a plug-in filter for Lightroom 2 and is accessible from the Photo>Edit In… menu. Edits made using the plug-in within Lightroom are non-destructive in nature, and are applied automatically to a newly generated TIFF and not the original RAW file.

Nik Software also said that they plan to make all their popular Photoshop plug-ins including Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro compatible with Lightroom later this year. Good news for those of us using these wonderful plug-ins!

4 thoughts on “Thursday News – Nik’s Viveza Compatible with Lightroom

  1. Sad, I just wished that the viveza plugin would work inside lightroom and not beside it. This is not better than exporting as tiff in photoshop and then using the plugin.
    Ok I know adobe and nik are two different companies but … I can dream.


    • Ronny,

      Thanks for reading!

      This is exactly how Viveza works within Apple’s Aperture. RAW files can only be manipulated by a RAW converter like Lightroom, Camera Raw, Aperture or Canon’s DPP. This manipulation doesn’t change the RAW data it just records the changes to be performed “when” the file is converted from RAW to JPEG or TIFF. Once the RAW file is converted, then programs like Viveza can manipulate the pixels.


  2. “Good news for those of us using these wonderful plug-ins!”

    Thanks Jeff! The news was definitely a hit at PMA last week… Also, a slight update to your post: we’re definitely planning to have all the Nik Software plug-ins updated for Lightroom by end of June. 😉

    Cheers, Kevin (from Nik Software)

    • Kevin,

      Thanks for reading and for the update. Using Viveza directly from Lightroom is great and I’m really looking forward to doing the same with Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro.


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