Moving to the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

I’m cameraless for the first time. All my Canon crop bodies (40D / 50D) and EF-S lenses have been shipped back to Adorama’s used department for trade-in on a new EOS 5D Mark II. It feels kind of strange not to be carrying around a DSLR everyday and not having ANY camera to call my own right now. I suspect it will take a few days before the withdrawal symptoms subside and I begin to feel normal again. I knew going “cold-turkey” was going to be tough!

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Several folks have asked why I decided to go “full-frame” and the answer may surprise you a bit. As I’ve gotten older, my eyesight has become an issue and the incredibly clear and bright viewfinder on Canon’s full frame cameras really makes a difference in my ability to focus the camera during landscape and nature photography. Looking through my 50D’s viewfinder with my glasses on was a real pain at times.

Of, course the resolution (21 MP) and image quality are said to be quite incredible according to folks like Matt Brandon and David duChemin, and that’s a big draw for most photographers, myself included. But this was a big decision for me. I had to trade-in my Canon 40D and 50D bodies as well as two EF-S series lenses before I could afford to look at the 5D Mark II. This will be my only body for quite some time and the thought of having no back-up body does make me a little nervous. But if the results are half as good as I’ve seen, this will be a camera I keep for many years to come.

6 thoughts on “Moving to the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

  1. Worth the wait, Jeff. I know we go on and on about the “it’s not the camera” stuff, and on a basic level it isn’t, but there’s no denying that the technology affects everything from our flow to the aesthetics of our images. I know you’re going to love it!

    • David,

      You’ll laugh but my main reason for upgrading (besides the image quality) is the large & bright viewfinder. I rented a 5D last month and was amazed at the difference in viewfinders. Much easier on my tired old eyes.

      Have a great trip!


  2. I’ve been reading here for some time and really enjoying your posts and photography. I have a 50D and Rebel XTi with an assortment of lenses. Even though I have had my 50D for 7 months, I really rather have the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Since my husband is my partner photographer, I’d like to give him the 50D and get the Mark. I have my old 35mm film camera and lens also. I wonder if I could trade with Adorama. If I did, I wouldn’t have a back-up body… then again, it would be worth it for the quality… and for my eyesight too. Looking forward to your sharing of your new Mark.

    • Thanks Chris. I won’t be able to put my hands on the 5DII for a couple of weeks depending upon availability at Adorama and how fast they process my used gear. Luckily I have plenty of landscape and nature shots to share from my last few outings.


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