Hill Country Landscapes Book Coming Soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve completed the work on my first book and sent it off to the printer. The first proof should be here by December 3rd and the first run available by December 15th. The book includes 46 of my favorite images from the Texas Hill Country along with the location where each one was taken. I’ll be selling this right here on my blog for $45.00 plus shipping & handling.

Hill Country Landscapes Book

I’ve had a lot of fun putting this together and there’s a special treat for serious amateur photographers in the final pages. Taking a cue from Wyman Meinzer’s books, I’ve added a section detailing my exact settings for each image presented in the book including camera, exposure and filters used. It’s my hope that this information will help other photographers enjoy the incredible photographic opportunities available in the Texas Hill Country.

8 thoughts on “Hill Country Landscapes Book Coming Soon!

    • Robin,

      Thanks for reading. My book should be for sale late next week but if the price doesn’t fit in your “diet” please let me know. I’m sure I can find a way to make one available for another Hill Country admirer.


  1. Can’t wait to see it Jeff… publishing is a hard chore, but when you get to hold that first copy of your accomplishment in your hands it is a great feeling…

  2. Congratulations Jeff!

    Happy Thanksgiving. When you can, can you post some details on how the book was made possible? Did you need to find a publisher and what was the process?



    • Andy,

      Thanks for reading. I am self publishing my first book trying out both Blurb and Lulu. I obtained the ISBN and barcode from an online service. I do have the option of selling on Amazon but the profit margins are slim so I’ll probably sell via my blog just as I do with my posters today.


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