Gorman Falls in the Spring

I’ve made several trips to Gorman Falls in the past few years and always found the beauty to be quite spectacular. Colorado Bend State Park is our first stop during the Texas Landscape Safari and the folks that attend the workshop are always stunned by the quiet beauty in this remote valley.

Gorman Falls in the Spring

I’ll never forget my first solitary visit to Gorman Falls last year before the draught set in. I arrived at the park before dawn and hiked about 2 miles to the falls, following the trail staked out with orange markers. The sun was just rising over the hills to the east and I knew I had to hurry to catch that perfect light that comes only in the early morning hours. I arrived at the end of the trail at first light to find the steep, rocky descent down to the base of the falls. The climb down always looks treacherous with few well defined steps carved into the rock face to guide you. About half way down, there are a some steel poles and cables cemented into place and I used those to guide my descent, carrying my tripod in one hand and my camera slung over my shoulder. This is not a hike I usually take alone and at my age, a slip and fall could spell disaster, so I double-checked to make sure that my cell phone had reception.

At the bottom of the ravine I stood in wonder at the magnificent spectacle before me. Gorman Falls is one of our state’s most pristine natural environments and it seemed as if no one had been down here for years. The falls before me was surrounded by trees with the early morning sunlight filtering through the leaves. The green moss covered rocks and the cool spray of the falls was a refreshing sight after my long hike. Excited at the prospect of capturing this beauty I quickly setup my tripod and camera and selected a medium zoom lens for my first exposures. As I sighted through my viewfinder I knew the long hike and difficult climb had been worth it. I’d found a perfect spot to spend a few wonderful hours doing what I love the most.

11 thoughts on “Gorman Falls in the Spring

    • Thanks Jack.

      I’ve got another trip planned for late April and I’m hoping the falls will be running well by then. I’ll be sure to let you know.


    • Thanks Terry.

      We’ll be visiting again in late April. Come on down and join us. After all the rain we’ve had this winter it should be spectacular.


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