Hill Country Landscapes Presentation Download

I had a wonderful time presenting at the Houston Audubon Nature Photography Association meeting last evening. The folks that attended were warm and friendly, pretty much what you’d expect from a group of enthusiastic Texas photographers. I’d like to thank John Old for giving me the opportunity to speak in front of this group and I truly enjoyed every minute of it. I’d also like to thank everyone that bought a copy of my book last evening. It was a wonderful surprise!

Hill Country Landscapes Presentation HighlightsIt turns out that my slide deck was a wee bit larger than I had expected (too big to email out to folks) so I’ve posted a copy (PDF format) of the presentation highlights that folks can download here. Just click on the image to the left but be warned, it’s a 15 MB file and might take a bit of time to download.

Here’s a set of links to some of the products I discussed last evening:

Gitzo Traveller Tripod (Legs)
Really Right Stuff Ball Heads
Hot Shoe Bubble Level
Singh-Ray Filters

11 thoughts on “Hill Country Landscapes Presentation Download

  1. Nice presentation, while I missed it in person, I enjoyed looking it over online. Lots of good stuff, thanks!

      • Thanks Jeff – just caught this or I would have responded earlier. Spent the weekend up in Canyon Country, should have some new pics up soon!

  2. Jeff: Why dont you share on slideshare ? Thats a great way to share slide sets. However big they are.


  3. jeff, i enjoyed your hanpa presentation immensely and found it extremely informative. after attending the 2010 fotofest in galveston earlier this month with sessions with kathy adams clark , larry ditto, and debbie ferrell,i apprecieated the vast differences between a longtime- amateur and a real professional.! iwill be sending you a packet including a check for your splendid book and some snaps from my recent trip to new braunfels. many thanks, john

    • Thanks Ray.

      I think Mark’s buddy has filled NG’s quota for crazy old Irishmen. πŸ™‚

      On the road again in the morning. I’ll call you from the middle of nowhere. I’m pretty sure that’s where I’m meeting up with Josh.


  4. What a wonderful presentation! Loved looking through it, and could *almost* hear where you were going with the slides. I say *almost* because, of course, I’d rather hear where you were going with each topic. The images looked gorgeous, and I’m happy the presentation were a success.

    So..where you nervous?

    Congrats again…and thanks for the (c)!

    On to the next one! Nat Geo Society!

    • Mark,

      Thanks again for the use of your image. I wasn’t nervous until the first attendee showed up wearing a “Bill Fortney” name tag. I immediately shook his hand and stammered something about being a big fan when he stopped me, smiled and said “I’m not THAT Bill Fortney”. I’ll tell you what. For a minute there I was sweating gumdrops! Can you imagine giving a talk about studio lighting and have Joe walk in the door? Gulp…

      After that broke the ice, I was sailing right along. It was fun and I was floored when five folks bought copies of my book. I think the Lord was looking out for me!

      Off to the Hill Country in the morning to setup for the TLS. YeeHa!


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