The Texas Hill Country

Just a little something to help you relax and unwind after a hard day at work!

Texas Hill Country Video
Copyright © 2010 Jeff Lynch Photography
Video created in Adobe Lightroom 3 Beta 2. Best shown in full-screen HD.
The Bioluminescence of the Night
Copyright © 2009 Atlantic Recording Corporation.

If you’d like to visit and photograph some of these spots, join us for the Fall 2010 Texas Landscape Safari.

10 thoughts on “The Texas Hill Country

  1. Very good video. Appropriate music for such beautiful scenes. I liked all of the photos, but in this ensemble, I particularly impressed by the sunsets, sliver of moon and colors of the sky.

    One of the photos of water showed a whirlpool, small, and that was impressive. Thanks also for your notes on filters, etc. Brenda and I are still learning about our camera and we would like to imitate your shots that bring out a starkness of the sky. I used to take photos for law firms in Amarillo (defense work, only) with a Nikkormat, but that was many years ago. So, your references and tips are really helpful to the both of us.

    Sorry to hear of your sickness. Eye infection for a photographer is like strep throat for an opera singer. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Thank you Jeff; this is just what the doctor ordered. The images and music are so beautifully synchronized. I am sure I will come back to this post again and again.

  3. Wow Jeff
    I needed that. Stunning images and the music works perfect with them. Perfect timing, thank you.

    • Thanks Ray.

      LR3 allows you to embed iTunes music and’s new video system compresses the whole shebang for web streaming in HD. Editing the slideshow to match the music was all trial and error. Next one should be better.


  4. Very nicely done Jeff! I like the music, perfect match for the scenes, what is it?

    It’s also nice that I recognize many of the locations. For those that haven’t done it, Jeff’s Texas Safari is a treat for the eyes, and the camera.

    • Glenn,

      Thanks. It was tougher to edit the slideshow in Lightroom 3 to match the music than I had thought. More to come in the future.


  5. WOW……….I’m totally relaxed now………..:) Beautiful images Jeff, especially the flowing water scenes.

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