Peachpit Interviews Photographer Jeff Lynch (Me!)

The folks at Peachpit Press are truly incredible and have treated this old Texas photographer like royalty. I’ve been honored to have my work featured in Jeff Carlson’s book from Peachpit Press, Canon Powershot G10/G11: From Snapshots to Great Shots and in his upcoming book on Canon’s Powershot G12.

When Sara Jane contacted me for an interview about my photograph entitled “Touchdown” I was tickled pink. It’s not every day that a guy like me gets interviewed along side the likes of Mark Krajnak (The K-Man from the Hot Shoe Diaries) and world famous wildlife photographer, Moose Peterson. Face it. The only thing Joe McNally and I have in common is our Irish heritage and the time he dated my younger sister at Syracuse (just kidding Joe).

Peachpit Blog Interview

So here’s to you Sara Jane, Jeff, Valerie and Scott! Many thanks for making my week a bit brighter.

12 thoughts on “Peachpit Interviews Photographer Jeff Lynch (Me!)

  1. Jeff, I just discovered your site while researching how to improve my Canon G9 handling. Congratulations on your success and the new book, I wish you well. I too lived in Michigan, and Texas. In fact my mother lives in the heart of Hill Country still. Here is my question: Do you use the RAW mode with the G-9? I assume so, but wanted to check. I am about to delve into that realm, first using iPhoto and the Canon software. If you have any specific tips, I would appreciate them.

    • Paul,

      Thanks for reading. Yes, I shoot RAW and not JPEG except for studio work when I shoot tethered. I use Adobe Lightroom 3 for all post-capture processing.


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