Oak Spring Trail – Big Bend National Park, Texas

Oak Spring lies right below the Window, Big Bend‘s best known landmark. The high, rock slopes of Vernon Bailey Peak and Carter Peak guard this beautiful spring like two soldiers standing at attention. The trail head lies about 1-1/2 miles from the Sam Nail Ranch parking lot along a rough two-track dirt road. A high-clearance vehicle is recommended but unless you drive this after a heavy rain, any good two-wheel drive car can make it.

Oak Spring Trail Map

Most times of the year, Oak Spring is the only open water for miles and miles along the western slope of the Chisos Mountains and hikers will often encounter wildlife during their short hike and climb to the spring. Hiker’s will often overlook the short stretch of unimproved park road just north of the trail which leads higher in the surrounding hills. As you can see, the view of the Window from the approach is nothing less than spectacular!

Oak Spring Trail

Oak Spring Trail – Big Bend National Park, Texas
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