Back on Singh-Ray’s Front Page

I’m back on the front page of Singh-Ray’s web site for a few days and you can read all about my exploits on Singh-Ray’s blog. Man, are my friends at Singh-Ray filters some of the coolest folks in the business or what! With the drought here in Texas and the overall economy, I’ll take all the free publicity I can get.

Singh-Ray Web Site

While you’re feasting your eyes, take a look at the Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizer, the Galen Rowell Graduated Neutral Density Filters and the brand new Vari-N-Trio. These are three essential filters for any landscape photographer and the same three that I use again and again in the field.

No, the folks at Singh-Ray do not sponsor me. I just think the world of their products and you will too!

6 thoughts on “Back on Singh-Ray’s Front Page

  1. Free publicity is always a good thing, Jeff. Sure hope you guys get a break soon and get some rain though I hope it does not come in the form of a hurricane.

    I am first investing in a good tripod had and L-bracket this year (per your suggestion) and then I am going to get one of those Vari-N-Duo filters.

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