Landscapes of the Davis Mountains

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I have moved my book sales to Blurb and my previous two books, Hill Country Landscapes, released in 2009 and Landscapes of the Texas Plains & Canyons, released in 2010, can now be purchased directly from their web site, along with my latest book, Landscapes of the Davis Mountains.

My love affair with the Davis Mountains began with a short trip to the area in 2011 to cover the recent wildfires that ravaged the region. This seemingly random event opened my eyes to one of the most beautiful and majestic regions in our state and an area that calls to me like a bee to honey.

Join me as I explore the rugged outback of the Davis Mountains and surrounding area with its rich history and unique geology and geography. From the verdant plains to the highest peaks, it’s a region like no other.

Landscapes of the Davis Mountains

Landscapes of the Davis Mountains
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