Pray for Those Lost and Hug Your Kids Tight

BelieveThe horrific events in Newtown last Friday are almost impossible to comprehend for they represent the most heinous act of evil ever perpetrated on innocent children.

I pray for those that lost so much to this horrific crime. My heart aches to think about your sorrow. As a father of four Texas daughters, last Friday’s events strike fear into my heart as no other act of evil can do. I will hug my daughters that much tighter when we are together for the holidays.

Nothing worries a parent more than knowing that their children are never completely safe outside of their home. Most fathers I know here in Texas take the responsibility for protecting their children very seriously and have little regard for those that would limit their ability to do that.

We understand correctly that it is NOT the responsibility of the government to protect our families from harm, it is our responsibility!

Here in Texas, many school districts have their own police force. In Fort Bend County where I’ve lived for the past twenty years, the FBISD Police are all well-trained professionals whose main (and sworn) duty is to protect our children from harm while on school grounds. These brave men and women walks the halls of our schools, assisting with security while getting to know our children and their teachers. They attend after-schools events such as band concerts, football games and other extracurricular activities all to protect our kids from harm. They wear their uniforms proudly and carry a firearm, taser, baton, hand-cuffs and a radio at all times. They live in our neighborhoods and their children sit right beside ours in class.

We’re a very diversified community here in Fort Bend County with folks settling here from all over the United States, Mexico, China, Korea, Japan, Brazil, India, Pakistan and many other countries. Native Texans are outnumbered in this county by as much as ten to one and yet, I’ve never once heard a parent complain about the FBISD Police officers that roam our schools’ hallways and grounds. No complaints about too much security and no liberal squealing about turning our schools into “armed camps”. In fact, I’ve seen nothing but respect for these men and women that we trust to guard our children.

I’m a fairly conservative person by nature but I gladly pay the higher property taxes here in Fort Bend County that go in part, to pay for the FBISD Police force. I fully support their “armed” role in patrolling our schools and protecting our children from the evil that visited Newtown last Friday. As a parent, I know that I can’t personally protect my children while I’m at work and they are at school so I’m thankful to know that the FBISD Police are on the job.

Perhaps the discussion our nation should have is not so much about “gun control” and another “assault weapons ban” but about the proper place firearms must have in a free society. The only way to stop an armed lunatic bent on death and destruction is by another armed person bent on preserving life and liberty.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” – Romans 12:21