Mark Krajnak’s Jersey Noir

I got an email from Mark Krajnak yesterday after he saw a comment I made on Joe McNally’s blog. Mark is the guy in suit & hat in the first image on Joe’s The Hot Shoes Diary post. Joe mentions Jimmy Stewart’s 1955 classic Rear Window and all I can think about is Grace Kelly (be still my beating heart!) and how most of Joe’s fans are under 40 and have probably never seen the film. My kids still moan and groan when I start watching the old favorites like Rear Window,

Well, Mark shoots me an email and a link to his Jersey Noir gallery. Wow! What a great set of images and what a great idea for a theme. Stop on over to Mark’s Flicker gallery and see for yourself. Talk about stepping back in time!

If you’re wondering why I still swoon over Grace Kelly take a look of this still from the movie. As they used to say, “Oh Man, what a doll”.