Late Friday Link – JerseyStyle Photography

I had a few minutes this late Friday afternoon and decided to catch up on my blog reading before heading home for the weekend. I just had to post this image taken by a friend and fellow blogger, Mark Krajnak from his JerseyStyle Photography blog. This image and the others in his post Rabble Rousers of New Jersey are simply stunning and really capture the spirit of early America.

I’m sure you’ll agree.

Have a great weekend!

The K-Man Starts to Blog!

Well it finally happened. I’ve been hounding Mark Krajnak (the notorious K-Man photographed by Joe McNally in his The Hot Shoe Diaries post) for the past few months to start a photo-blog. I’m a real fan of all his Flicker images especially his Jersey Noir shots and I’ve been gently prodding him (see my K-Man Lights Em Up! post) to blog about his images, his motivation and techniques. It looks like my (oh so subtle) suggestions (subtle as a freight train) worked and I’m proud to announce Mark’s new blog.

Jersey Style

Click on the image above to be taken to Mark’s blog.

K-Man Lights Em Up!

A few months back I posted about Mark Krajnak’s Jersey Noir photo gallery and his “K-Man” posing for Joe McNally’s post entitled The Hot Shoe Diaries. Since then Mark and I have become friends, emailing back & forth, commenting on each others’ images and discussing new photographic projects.

I’ve been trying to get Mark to start a blog so that he can not only display his work but share his techniques, thoughts and adventures. A few minutes ago Mark posted another comment on my blog and a link to another incredible image in one of his Flicker streams. I’m not really a big fan of Flicker but I am a big fan of Mark’s work, so I’ve decided to take matters in my own hands and “out him” in front of the photographic blogging community.

Take this beautiful image for example (Click on the link to see a larger version).

  • Don’t you agree that Mark should start blogging and share not only his images but also his insights, experiences and techniques as an amateur photographer?
  • Don’t you think that he ought to share some juicy stories about posing in his “K-Man” attire for the famous shooter, Joe McNally?
  • Wouldn’t you like to see the images and hear more about his “100 Strangers I’ve Met” photo-project?
  • Aren’t you a little bit interested in knowing how Mark got this incredible exposure?

Tail Lights
Copyright © 2008 Mark Krajnak Photography
Shot taken with some camera, some lens at some focal length, at some f-stop for some exposure time at some ISO speed on some brand of digital film. Post capture processing was done in some program. Click on the image above for a larger version.

Mark, I hope you’re not embarrassed by this post but I figure that anyone brave enough to photograph 100 strangers and tough enough to pose for Joe McNally wearing a 50’s suit and hat couldn’t be afraid of a little free publicity. And you met Moose! I’m so jealous 🙂

Mark Krajnak’s Jersey Noir

I got an email from Mark Krajnak yesterday after he saw a comment I made on Joe McNally’s blog. Mark is the guy in suit & hat in the first image on Joe’s The Hot Shoes Diary post. Joe mentions Jimmy Stewart’s 1955 classic Rear Window and all I can think about is Grace Kelly (be still my beating heart!) and how most of Joe’s fans are under 40 and have probably never seen the film. My kids still moan and groan when I start watching the old favorites like Rear Window,

Well, Mark shoots me an email and a link to his Jersey Noir gallery. Wow! What a great set of images and what a great idea for a theme. Stop on over to Mark’s Flicker gallery and see for yourself. Talk about stepping back in time!

If you’re wondering why I still swoon over Grace Kelly take a look of this still from the movie. As they used to say, “Oh Man, what a doll”.