Hi, I’m a PC and My Friend Mac Just Gave Me Some Malware!

It goes like this…

“Hi, I’m a PC.”

“And I’m a Mac, and I just gave my friend PC here some Malware to chew on!”

If you’re a MobileMe user like I am, you’ve probably already downloaded the latest update for your Mac and the iPhone/iPod Touch 2.0 firmware so that you can “sync” them up over the Internet. And if you’re also a PC user like I am in my day job, you may have also downloaded the latest version of iTunes so that MobileMe can sync your Outlook Contacts, Calendar and Email with your Mac and iPhone. Cool stuff indeed!

But, if you’re not a MobileMe user and you’ve downloaded the latest version of iTunes for your iPod & PC, you’ll find a little surprise just waiting for you in your Windows XP or Vista Control Panel. Yes indeed! A MobileMe control panel applet will appear without so much as asking for permission to install or even informing you that it had been installed.

In my book, that’s called Malware and I’m quite surprised that Apple would even think of doing this to PC users without so much as a checkbox to unclick (as they did in their latest QuickTime update).

Shame on you Apple for resorting to such tactics!