Nikon Reveals D3X By Accident?

As much of a Canon shooter that I am I have to give credit to Nikon for the new D3X revealed yesterday on Seb Roger’s post Official Nikon D3X specs. It’s here, folks! I’m sure Nikon sponsored pro-shooters like Moose Peterson and Joe McNally had a hand in helping Nikon develop the specifications for this camera and it’s quite possible that Moose already has a prototype he’s been shooting with. I’m also not the least surprised that the camera was officially leaked the same day the new Canon 5D Mark II began to arrive in the market. After all, these two companies have been trading blows like this for years now.

What surprised me the most about the new D3X was the lack of a video mode, given how keenly Nikon has watched the growing fervor over the 5D Mark II’s HD video mode. What doesn’t surprise me is Nikon’s “focus” (no pun intended) on advancing the professional usability of a 24.5 Megapixel sensor with their incredible 51 point AF system. Compare that to the 5D’s antiquated 9 point AF system and the recent slew of AF issues with the 1Ds Mark III and it looks like Nikon is squarely aiming this camera for professional sports photographers and photojournalists. Both at the top of Canon’s current professional market. I expect we’ll be seeing even more black lenses at the next Olympics than we did in Beijing.

Score one for Nikon!