Attention Canon 40D Users – You Need This Strap!

R-StrapIt seems that many of you never read my July 18th post entitled “I Hate Neck Straps“. I’m shocked and appalled. (Yeah right). OK, never mind the guilt trip. I’m going to give you the straight scoop. The BlackRapid R-Strap is to other camera straps what the Nikon D700 is to the Argus C-4 rangefinder!

To quote a famous science fiction author, “Think of it as Evolution in Action”.

If David duChemin of PixelatedImage fame is using this as his only camera strap, it’s got to be the best! I’m not famous (unless having four daughters qualifies), nor do I travel the world like David duChemin or Matt Brandon. But I do carry my Canon 40D with 70-200mm f/4L hour after hour, searching for that “one great shot” just like most serious amateur photographers.

R-StrapUsing the BlackRapid R-Strap has made a huge difference in how long I can carry my gear without lower-back pain and fatigue setting in. Let me tell you from someone who suffers from chronic back pain, carrying around a full size body and long lens using a neck strap is a one-way ticket to the orthopedist and physical therapy at a minimum. Don’t take my word for it. Ask your doctor!

All that goes away with the R-Strap which is worn diagonally across your torso from shoulder to hip and is adjustable to fit any height or girth. It puts your camera right at your hip where your hand would normally rest. The weight of your gear is distributed evenly across your shoulder and torso instead of being concentrated at your neck.

Let’s be clear on this. I bought and paid for my R-Strap and have no affiliation with BlackRapid or it’s creator Ron Henry. I’ve been using my R-Strap for several months now on a daily basis and the difference in how I feel physically and how secure my camera feels to me, has been nothing less than astonishing. And my photography reflects that change.

Isn’t that what we’re all looking for when we invest in new equipment?

All images courtesy and copyright © BlackRapid.

I Hate Neck Straps!

Up until a few months ago, I hadn’t bought any photo gear in almost 25 years. In all that time I’d have thought the major camera manufacturers (Canon especially) would have come up with a better neck strap! But No. The strap that came with my 40D body looks exactly like the strap still connected to my ’75 F-1 with the exception of the word “EOS”. I gotta tell ya. I really hate those damn neck straps! Wearing one of those makes me look like an overweight tourist heading for Hawaii, rather than the serious(ly) amateur photographer that I am.

Luckily, the folks at BackRapid have come up with a “blinding flash of the obvious” in their R-Strap! I placed my order just as soon as I finished watching Ron Henry’s videos.

How can I say this? It’s the best strap design I’ve ever seen and the workmanship is superb. And that’s coming from a design engineer with six patents of my own. I’m damn jealous that I didn’t think of it myself (LOL).

It’s a little difficult to describe the R-Strap since it’s really not a neck strap at all. You really need to watch Ron’s videos to understand how it works. Even the photos above (copyright and courtesy BlackRapid, Inc.) don’t do it justice. Truthfully, I like everything about the R-Strap and would recommend it to any amateur or pro, especially for photowalking

Go watch Ron’s videos and look over the BlackRapid site. Buy one and watch how fast Ron’s team gets it to you. Put it over your neck and under your arm. Attach the FastenR to your body, lens or battery grip. Latch it all together (don’t forget the plastic safety sleeve) and adjust it till it feels “natural”. Swing your camera up for a shot and feel how secure and “braced” everything feels.

This is what a camera strap is supposed to be!