Sam Abell’s The Life of a Photograph

The Life of a Photograph

I was reading John O’Connor’s blog the other day and he mentioned that Sam Abell’s latest book The Life of a Photograph was soon to be published. Amazon was taking orders and I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived only a few days later.

I’ve been a fan of Sam Abell’s work in the National Geographic and in his collaboration with Stephen Abrose in Lewis & Clark: Voyage of Discovery, a wonderful book with incredible images.

I’ve just started reading “The Life of a Photograph” and the images in these pages are really incredible. Many were taken during Sam Abell’s assignments with NG and they provide a wonderful glimpse into his unique approach to creating photographic art.

If you’re looking for a little photographic inspiration this weekend, stop by your local book store and pick up a copy. It’s money well spent!