Around the Web Sunday

Just a few links to some great blogs, great photographers and great story tellers for your Sunday enjoyment.

  • Jack Mathews’ timely post in his Sage to Meadow blog about his dog Yeller. With school starting next week I suspect Yeller is getting some practice in eating homework.
  • Kirk Tuck looks at old school pano photography this Sunday on his blog Visual Science Lab. I’m amazed he found enough water in Lake Travis to photograph.
  • I never miss the chance to visit Matt Brandon’s Digital Trekker Blog. Matt’s incredible talent and passion make him one of the great humanitarian photographers of our time. It’s also nice to the an ex-pat like Matt keep the fire burning.
  • Finally, take a look at what my friends over at Rear Curtain have cooked up. This is one incredible web site for visual story telling at its finest. Ray, Sabrina and Matt have teamed up to create something truly special here.