Texas Landscape Safari – Spring 2016

Announcing Details for the Spring 2016 Texas Landscape Safari

The Spring 2016 Texas Landscape Safari will be held April 24 – 28, 2016 in Fort Davis, Texas deep in the heart of West Texas! That’s right. The Spring 2016 TLS will be moving from the Hill Country to the mountains and deserts of West Texas.

Guadalupe Mountain Range

El Capitan – Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas

This is not your usual workshop. It’s more like a bunch of friends getting together to share their love of landscape photography and help each other grow as serious amateur photographers.

It’s a chance to visit and photograph some of the most picturesque spots in West Texas. It’s also a chance to learn some basic techniques to enhance your landscape photography behind the camera and in the digital darkroom and if you’re not completely satisfied (but exhausted) at the end of the workshop, I’ll gladly refund your money!

Thunder Storm Receding

Chisos Mountains – Big Bend National Park, Texas

General Information

  • Price $600 per attendee.
  • Price includes instruction only.
  • Open to all levels of experience and all brands of cameras.
  • A DSLR camera is required.
  • A tripod is required.
  • A notebook or laptop computer is recommended.
  • Adobe Lightroom 5 recommended.
  • Workshop runs from Sunday evening until Thursday evening.
  • A Texas State Parks Season Pass is recommended.
  • All transportation, lodging and meal expenses are YOUR responsibility.
  • Non-photographer spouses are always welcome but no children under 18 please.

Davis Mountains Overlook

Scenic Overlook – Davis Mountains State Park, Texas

Base Camp will be at the Indian Lodge in the Davis Mountains State Park in Fort Davis, Texas and we will be shooting at Big Bend National Park, Guadalupe Mountains National Park and Davis Mountains State Park as well as other key locations during the four day workshop. Several of these locations will require a hike to the best shooting locations so a good pair of hiking shoes or boots and a photo-pack to carry your gear is highly recommended. Most other key spots and overlooks are “drive up and shoot” opportunities, so don’t worry if you’re not up for the hike. There are thousands of great locations within 200 miles of our base camp!

What to Bring

  • An open mind and a love of landscape and nature photography.
  • Your DSLR camera and extra batteries.
  • Your digital film (CF cards, SD cards SDHC cards, etc.)
  • Wide angle and medium telephoto lens.
  • A circular polarizer filter to fit your lenses is always a good idea.
  • A graduated neutral density filter if you have one. I’ll bring an extra.
  • A hot-shoe bubble level if you have one. Again, I’ll bring a few extra.
  • A good quality, light-weight tripod is a MUST for landscape photography.
  • A four-wheel drive vehicle if you own one!

Grapevine Hills

Grapevine Hills – Big Bend National Park, Texas

What You’ll Learn

  • Some of the best landscape photography locations in West Texas.
  • Basic landscape techniques for your DSLR, lenses & tripod.
  • How to compose your landscape shots for maximum impact!
  • How to correctly use a circular polarizer filter.
  • How to correctly use a graduated neutral density filter.
  • How to create special effects with a neutral density filters.
  • Basic post-capture processing techniques in Adobe Lightroom.
  • How to correctly prep your images for printing.
  • Where to have your images printed and why!

Registration Opens Soon!
Just drop me an email via this blog with your name, mailing address and email address and I’ll add you to the mailing list. Our class size is limited to the first fifteen people, so don’t wait too long!

76 thoughts on “Texas Landscape Safari – Spring 2016

  1. Jeff:
    I will check the schedule at the office, and see if I can join you again this year. Looks like fun – let me know if you still have some room left. Got started a bit late this year.

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  4. I was just out there this past week – the weather was gorgeous as was the canyon. I wish I could make this trip as I truly want to go back again, but next month is a bit to soon for a revisit. Hope it goes well though!

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  8. So happy to see this. If they dates work out with my call schedule I’m in!! I guess I should hit the stair climber now to be ready, lol.

  9. Hey Jeff,

    The Scout and I may wish to join you again depending on the dates. It would be a good opportunity to stop by Tech and see our son. We’ll watch for details.

    Happy New Year!

  10. Jeff – I stumbled across your photography while doing some research and it is excellent! Is your Spring 2012 Texas Landscape Safari full? I live in southern Texas and love landscape/nature photograph and would love to learn from someone who obviously is fantastic at it! I look forward to hearing back from you.

    “Another Jeff”

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  13. Jeff,

    We hope to make it again next year. I was disappointed in my efforts in Palo Duro and Cap Rock when Leslie and I went alone last fall, it would be nice to give it another go. Especially since it gives us the opportunity to visit our son at Texas Tech along the way (well maybe he doesn’t think that’s such a great benefit). Maybe it will rain sometime between now and then.

    These are great trips and great learning opportunities. I don’t know anyone else that can turn a bland rock into a great landscape image.

  14. Count me in for 2012!!! I had such a great time and felt soooo much more comfortable with my camera after this year’s trip. It was completely worth it even without the wildflowers. And getting back to Palo Duro is on my 50 before 50 list so how could I miss it?

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  17. Thanks Jeff for a great trip!

    My wife loved hiking around while I shot photos on Jeff’s most recent Texas Landscape Safari. Jeff is the perfect blend of being an amazing resource of knowledge about shooting locations in the Hill Country, a great teacher in sharing the expert techniques to capture them, and a taskmaster in getting the group to the right spots at the right time (including meals and sleep, the hiking was fun but tough). We really, really enjoyed this trip. Thanks to the locations, but more importantly to Jeff’s tutoring, I have some great landscape photos. Even the early morning drives down country roads strewn with bluebonnets was enjoyable. We have now seen Texas, where I’ve lived for 25 years, in ways we never have before. Frankly the photos, no matter how good they are, just don’t do this part of Texas justice.

    I can’t recommend Jeff and this trip enough – everyone should sign up and go. Just be prepared to work for your photos with the hiking and early mornings, it’s more than worth it.

    As an aside: Jeff has post on the importance of a good – light – tripod. He isn’t wrong. I have already ordered by Gitzo Traveler and Really Right Stuff ball head. My heavy Manfrotto will stay at home on the next trip.

    Now if there was a Starbucks at the start of the hike down to Gorman Falls……

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  22. Jeff,

    Are all of these locations in the Austin Area?

    I am interested in this camp because I have relatives in Houston

    Could you send exact details to me concerning the time schedule and deposit required for attending.

    Thanks for everything,


    Mark – Edmond OK

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  29. This looks soooooo cool, but as a Poverty Dieter with a kid in college, I can’t afford it! Story of my life! Maybe next year. Do you post the best of the safari pics on this blog? I’d love to see them!

  30. Hey Jeff,

    It sounds like some overnights will be required. Where do you stop in the evening? If it hasn’t already been grabbed I might like a slot. I am Austin-based–is that where you start?


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  35. I’m interested in the Spring 2010 safari and have signed up for your email subscription. My wife isn’t a photographer but would love the hiking around with me, I trust I’d only need to pay one fee?

  36. Jeff,
    I’d like some more information on the dates of the spring 2010 landscape safari, as well as whether you still have openings. I’d like to give this as a gift to my husband, but I need to know the dates. Thanks.

    • Shannon,

      The next Texas Landscape Safari workshop will be held in mid-spring (late March or early April) 2010 depending upon when the wild flowers bloom. I do offer one-on-one or small group coaching at Pedernales Falls State Park or McKinney Falls State Park (both near Austin) on most weekends if you’d like to pick a weekend for your husband. The weekend workshop is generally a Saturday evening shoot and an early Sunday morning shoot. The cost for one-on-one coaching is $250 or $175 each for groups of 2 to 3. Unless you live in Austin, it generally requires staying one night at a local hotel.

      Jeff Lynch Jeff Lynch Photography, Ltd. Sugar Land, Texas

      Blog – Serious Amateur Photography

      Follow me on Twitter

      Spots open for the Texas Landscape Safari this Spring. Come to Texas and join our wildflower hunt!

      • Jeff,
        Thanks for the information. I’d like to reserve a spot on the Spring 2010 landscape safari for my husband. We’ll manage with whatever the dates end up being. Let me know how I can send you his name and info as well as whatever deposit is required. Thanks! This is going to make a great anniversary gift.

  37. Jeff:
    Love the website. I am switching to Canon, and am leaning toward buying a 7d. Would it be a mistake not to buy the 5d instead? By the way, do you offer any courses locally, since I live in the Houston area?


    • Nat,

      Thanks for reading. Your choice of camera really depends upon what you shoot. The new 7D should be an excellent wildlife and sports camera but I personally feel the 5D and 5D2 are better suited for landscape, portrait ad travel work.

      I do offer one-day landscape workshops but generally drive to somewhere like Monument Hill in La Grange, Texas. Houston is too humid and flat for good landscape shots unless the weather conditions are just right. Another great spot within a few hours drive is McKinney Falls State Park in Austin. Just send me an email via this blog and we’ll set something up.


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  39. I would LOVE to attend this, but its hard for me to get off during the week. If you ever hold any “weekend safari’s” around the Houston/Austin area, please let me know. My wife and I both would like to attend.

    • Sabrina,

      I also hold a workshop each spring as the wildflowers are blooming. I’ll post more information about that workshop in November. You’re welcome any time!


    • Mike,

      I’ve updated the Texas Landscape Safari page with the estimated hikes and climbs required. I should have the workshop’s participant guide finished by the middle of the week.

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